Relationships: Is It Harder For Someone To Settle Down If They Have Been With A Lot Of People?

In the past, it was the norm for people to wait until they were married before they had sex, and they would have most likely stayed with the same person until their time on this earth came to an end. Thanks, in part, due to the ‘sexual liberation’ of the 60s and 80s, this has all changed.

Having sex outside of marriage was no longer seen as something that was wrong, at least not to the same degree as before. Naturally, there were people who were not on board with what was taking place.

A New Era

The world has come a long way since that time and it is not longer a big deal for someone to have sex outside of marriage. Nowadays, it is a bigger deal for someone to get married than it is for them to have sex outside of it.

Marriage is often seen as something that is old and outdated, or simply as something that will allow a couple to receive certain benefits. Having casual sex, on the other hand, is as normal as going out and buying a chocolate bar (or a fruit bar for those who are healthy), for instance – it is not seen as a big deal.


One way of looking at this would be to say that although people were restricted in the past; this is no longer the case. If someone wants to express themselves sexually without committing to another person, they can, and they can do this without feeling ashamed.

If they were alive a number of decades ago, they may have had to repress this urge and to wait until they had found someone to commit their life to. Looking at this based on how things are today, it can seem incredibly restrictive to live in this way.

A Prison

If someone who – regularly expresses their sexual side with different people – was sent back in time, they would most likely find it incredibly difficult to handle. They would be able to express themselves in other ways, but it might feel as though they are in a cage.

This part of their nature would have to be overlooked, that is unless they were to channel it into something creative. Fortunately, then, someone can express this side of themselves directly in today’s world, along with being creative in other ways.

The Outcome

So, as it is no longer necessary for someone to be married in order for them to fulfil their sexual needs, it has meant that there are plenty of people who are not interested in having a relationship. Due to how easy for them to fulfil their sexual needs, there is no need for them to commit to anyone.

What also play a part in this is if someone is at the beginning of their life and is physically attractive, which can make it easy for them to attract people. The desire to only fulfil their sexual needs and to overlook the rest of their needs can also be a sign that they have a fear of intimacy.

One Outlook

With that aside, it could be said when someone has the ability to express themselves in this way, it will enable them to have a fulfilling relationship if they so choose. For a start, getting close to different people will allow them to find out what kind of person would be suitable for them.

Whereas, if they were not able to ‘experiment’ in this way, they wouldn’t get the opportunity to understand who would be a good match for them. It is then similar to trying out different cars, as opposed to buying the first car that appears, or trying out different jobs, before finding the right career path.

A Life of Misery

If one was to end up in a relationship with the first person who they felt attracted to and got married shortly after, and this could be someone they have met at school, for instance, they may end up realizing that they are not compatible within a few years. The time that they spent with this person could then have been used to understand themselves better and to develop their career.

What may play a big part in someone’s decision to ‘experiment’ could be what their parent’s relationship was like when they were growing up. Perhaps their parents got married at the beginning of their life and ended up saying together even though they were a complete mismatch.

Another Outlook
However, while someone may find that ‘experimenting’ with lots of people different will allow them to find someone who is right for them and then to have a long-term relationship, it might not work out this way. For one thing, they may find that being in a relationship is not stimulating enough, and that they crave the stimulation that they receive by hooking up with different people each week/month.

It can similar to how difficult it can be for someone to go from eating fast food to eating healthy food. Fast food will be quick and easy, just as getting casual sexual will be quick and easy; healthy food will take a while to prepare and provide a different level of satisfaction, just as a committed relationship will take a while to develop and it won’t necessarily be full of the same highs and lows.

A Loss of Willpower

What one my find is that through having so many casual encounters, it has created a low tolerance for frustration and eroded their self-control. Said another way, they won’t know how to handle the moments when there is conflict and they won’t know how to control their urges.

Therefore, as soon as there is tension between them and their partner, they might feel the pull to find someone else, and, if they find someone else attractive, they might not be able to acknowledge this urge without needing to act upon it. It will be as if they have devolved into a child who is completely controlled by their urges.

The Grass Is Greener

In the back of their mind, they can believe that there is someone out there who is better than the person they are with, taking away the need to work through any challenges that arise. These challenges can be seen as a sign that their relationship is not working, instead of a normal part of a relationship and as something that will bring them closer.

Being with so many people won’t have allowed them to get a clearer idea about the kind of person who is right for them; what it will have done is made it more or less impossible for them to decide who is right for them. One will have trained themselves to run short distances, and, to stay with someone, they will need to undertake the training that will allow them to run long distances.


Taking all this into account, it shows that problems can arise when someone exerts too much control over their sexual nature/urges and when they don’t exercise enough control over this part of themselves. Ultimately, it is up to someone to weigh up the pros and cons when it comes to making a decision, and then to go with what they believe is the right decision.

Teacher, Prolific writer, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over one thousand eight hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.

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Good Treatment Of Women Is Not An Option, It Is An Obligation

Violence against women in Latin America has recently been classified as an epidemic in the region, sexual violence is one of the main forms of violence, and the situation of women in the rest of the world is not very different. According to a report by the World Health Organization and data from the UN Women, “recent figures of the global prevalence indicate that one in three women in the world (35%) has suffered physical and/or sexual violence of a couple or sexual violence by third parties at some point in their lives “.

In the wake of the growing wave of violence against women, protests are organized in different parts of the world, in an unsuccessful effort to stop it, especially after cases are heard that shake the population for their cruelty and sadism. And in those protests, you can read countless posters with phrases of repudiation of violence and support for women. One of those phrases that caught my attention and that I have seen repeatedly is: “We live in a world where they teach women to take care not to be raped, instead of teaching men NOT TO VIOLATE”… I was called to attention for two reasons:

The first, because I saw a harsh truth in that phrase, since I was born and raised in a macho society where it is taken as normal for men to harass women in the street, to tell them obscenities or to touch them impudently; where it is common for men to beat their women because they have “rights” to them – in some regions of my country, women consider that their husbands have the right to hit them, because they are their husbands, and they even get angry if someone tries to defend them!!! It seems a joke, but it is not-, and I think that to a large extent the high rate of sexual violence against women in my country and in the rest of the world is machismo.

The second, because I would have liked to explain to the person who wrote that phrase that Islam does teach men to “not violate”. Moreover, before referring to the issue of women’s behavior and dress, the Koran calls men’s attention to their behavior and gives them a strong warning: {Tell the believers [oh, Muhammad!] let them look away and refrain from committing obscenities because that is purer for them. God is well informed of what they do} [Quran 24:30]. Here God is telling men that they should not even look at women unduly, up to that level men are required to respect women, even with their eyes! And they are warned that God knows what they are doing, even if no one else knows, God knows. Then, in the first place, God addresses men and commands them to behave well and respect women; then he addresses women and orders them to behave well and dress modestly, because Islam is fair, and teaches us that both men and women must fulfill our share of responsibility to make this a better world and live in harmony. So Islam teaches men not to rape because if they are even forbidden to look at women unduly, they are much more forbidden to touch them unduly.

Islam has approached the issue of good treatment of women in a detailed and detailed manner, emphasizing the special respect it deserves in each of the different stages it goes through throughout its life – when it is a daughter, when she is a wife and when she is a mother-, as we shall see below.

Respect for daughters

Before Islam was revealed, among the Arabs was considered a misfortune the birth of a girl. While men were the cause of the pride of their parents and relatives, women were cause for disappointment and sadness; and for that reason, they had the dreadful habit of burying alive the newly born girls. God categorically condemned this attitude and these crimes, saying: {When one of them is announced [the birth of] a girl, the affliction and anguish is reflected in her face because of what has been announced to her, she hides from the people ashamed and doubt whether he will let her live in spite of his disgrace or bury her alive. What a terrible thing they are doing!} [Quran 16: 58-59]; and warns that one day will come, the Day of Judgment,{When girls are asked to be buried alive for what sin they were killed} [Quran 81: 8-9]. In this way God forbade this wild practice considering it a very serious sin. But not only that, but it made the upbringing and education of the daughters a reason to win the blessings of God and get rid of the fire of Hell; said the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him): “Whoever has three daughters whom he cares for, provides them with what is necessary and treats them with mercy, Allah will make him enter Paradise without a place of Doubts”. Then a man from the crowd asked: “What if he has only two daughters?” The Prophet replied: “Even if he has two daughters.”

This is how Islam establishes the value of women from birth and gives them a place of honor by making them a source of blessing for their parents in this life and in the other.

Respect towards the mother

Islam commands respect and good treatment towards our parents but elevates the status of the mother over the father. It is related that a man appeared before the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) and asked him: “O Messenger of Allah! Who is the person who deserves my company?” He replied: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Then who?” The Prophet replied: “Your mother.” The man asked for the third time: “Then who?” The Prophet said: “Your mother.” And the man asked again: “And then who?” And the Prophet said: “Then your father” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Even the Prophet spoke of the respect we should have towards our aunts. A man went to speak with Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said: “O Prophet, I have committed a grave sin. Do you think I can repair it in some way? ” He asked: “Does your mother live?” He answered no, then the Prophet asked him: “Do you have any maternal aunt alive?” The man said yes, then the Prophet said to him: “Be good and considerate to her” (Tirmidhi, Al-Hakim, Ibn Hibban); and he also said: “The mother’s sister has a status similar to that of the mother” (Bukhari).

Respect towards the wife

Said the Prophet Muhammad: “The best among men is the one who best treats his wife.”

The Koran commands: {… kindly treat women in coexistence. And if something of them should displease you [be tolerant], it may be that you dislike something in which God has put a good for you} [Koran 4:19].

During the last sermon given by the Prophet Muhammad before his death, he said: “… Treat your women well and be kind to them, because they are your companions. “


One of the main accusations made against Islam is that it is a sexist religion that oppresses women, that deprives us of all our rights, that we are subject to all kinds of abuses by men and that we must hold silent because that’s what our religion requires. However, the reality is that in Islam, respect and good treatment of women is not an option, it is an obligation! It is a clear and forceful order of God, and whoever does not comply with this order will be incurring in an act of disobedience for which he will have to render an account among God.

Once again, Islam teaches us the guidelines for living in harmony and security, so that the rights of the people are respected, so that the strong do not abuse the weak and that no one is treated with injustice. However, many people prefer to follow the path of evil, do not feel compassion for the suffering of others and only want to satisfy their desires at all costs. But the day will come when all the injustices will be paid and every criminal will pay for his crimes:{… But know that I have prepared for those who commit injustice a fire that will surround them. When suffocated they ask to drink, they will be poured a liquid like molten metal that will burn their faces. What a terrible drink and what a horrible abode! On the other hand, those who believe and act righteously, know that I will reward all their works} [Qur’an 18: 29-30].

Islam teaches behavioral norms for both men and women, teaches high moral and spiritual values; but as long as people do not want to follow this guide, the evil in this world will increase.

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Book Review of Turtles All the Way Down

A billionaire is missing and a promise of cash reward fascinates Aza Holmes, a young-adult suffering from OCD and anxiety. While her daily existence is cumbersome due to the negative thoughts that are spiraling her downwards in life, she can definitely look up for a true friendship that awaits her. This is the core theme of the book apart from showcasing the true form of mental illness.

It’s not merely a book, but a journey. Apparently John Green has developed a penchant for it. The initial pages are light-hearted and draw your interest but as soon as the author pulls you deeper into the life of Aza, her conflicts, and inner demons, it becomes difficult to read. This is not because you don’t want to read, but because it hurts you.

Turtles All the Way Down showcases the true nature of OCD and anxiety from a POV of a 16-year-old-girl. As soon as you read the line ‘Whether it hurts is kind of irrelevant’, you begin pondering upon the truthfulness of it. However, that is only the beginning.

There is a section in the book where the protagonist wonders what is it that people want to hear when they ask about the well-being of others? Are they merely looking for simple answers? Will they be interested to actually listen? How will they react if someone reverted that they were not doing OK?

The book also deals with loss. Now that subplot has a good reason behind it in my opinion. Maybe the author wanted to showcase how even a person suffering from mental sickness is not exempted from other worries in their life. It further adds to the pain of the protagonist and makes you think.

I loved how John Green has developed the characters. Also, every character has a significant role in both the story and Aza’s life.

Another significant thing to notice is in one of the quotes inside the book. “I guess at some point, you realize that whoever takes care of you is just a person and that they have no superpowers and can’t actually protect you from getting hurt.” Even though everyone around Aza loves her, it doesn’t change the fact that she is hurt from the inside. It is true in real life as well. People who care for us might help us sail through our sorrows but they can’t protect us from getting hurt in the first place.

Overall, the book is wonderfully written, thought-provoking and a great addition to the young-adult genre.

Anmol Rawat is a published author and one of the best Indian bloggers, popular in the blogging world for writing short stories and personal blogs.

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My Top 10 – The Best Books I’ve Ever Read

How I define my top 10 will definitely differ from others’. When I try to recollect the best books I’ve ever read, I have this criterion. How much did that book force me to finish in one go? Whether I was able to finish it in a single go or not due to other compelling reasons. Secondly, how much was I able to connect earlier chapters while reading later chapters. At times it happens you are at the end of the book but are not able to connect well with the story and flow. Third and most important point is how much did it fade away from my memory over a period of time. There are so many books that are as fresh in my mind as at the time of reading them. And there are books that you forget about within a week of finishing them.

This criterion of creating the top 10 best books would vary from each reader to reader. In fact, for me, it is always an evolving list. That means, it is always under formation and development. So I call it an inchoate list. These are not in any order. But all of these 10 books are evergreen and favorite.

The first book that comes to my mind is Fish. Even reading it during my college days, it still keeps knocking my mind and conscious from time to time. This is, in fact, a thin book but a lot of value inside.

The second book is Goal. Both these books are powerful transformers. They have the power to transform the lives of any person.

Next is The Prophet. In fact, this book I can read any number of times. Every time I read it, it gives me a different meaning of life.

This book is by a very young author. The book has a strong message that comes in its purest form. That is why I have not been able to forget its story despite reading it a long time back. I am talking about The Helpline.

My next favorite book is Slow by Digonta Bordoloi. There is a high level of depth in this book. We are right now in the middle of my list.

The sixth book that I would like to mention is Sudhi Kannan. This book has a simple story. But the story has all the elements of adventure, hope, drama, and action.

Living with Merlin is a story of deep pain that comes with a sweet fragrance.

The Tallion Tale is an interesting spy story having a great message.

Borderline is a book that probably everyone needs to read. It is about the psychological disorder.

The last book on my list is A Cupful of Aha!

That completes my top 10 list. The best books I’ve ever read. But that doesn’t mean these are the bestselling. In fact, I plan to write my next post on the Top 100.

You can read reviews of these books on my blog

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When Will Cryptos & Blockchain Really Explode?

Every day there is more news about what can, may, and should happen in the world of Crypto Currencies (CC’s) and Blockchain. There has been significant investment, research, and lots of chatter, but the coins and the projects are still not mainstream. They have not yet delivered the explosive changes envisioned. Many ideas are being discussed and developed, but none have delivered big game-changing results. What may be needed is for big industry players, like IBM, Microsoft, and the large financial services corporations to continue forging ahead in developing useful Blockchain applications – ones that the whole world can NOT live without.

Financial services are a ripe target for Blockchain projects because today’s banking systems are still based on archaic ideas that have been faithfully and painfully digitized, and because these systems are archaic, they are expensive to maintain and operate. Banks almost have a good reason to charge the high service fees they do – their systems are not efficient. These systems have many layers of redundant data, as everyone involved with a transaction has to have their version of the transaction details. And then there is the business of ensuring that there is a trusted third party to clear all these transactions – requiring even more versions of the same data. Blockchain technology holds out the promise of addressing these issues, as each transaction will be captured in just ONE block on the chain, and because it is a distributed database, security and integrity is built-in and assured. It may take some time to build up trust in these new systems, given that the verifiers of Blockchain transactions are not the traditional clearing houses that banks use and trust today. Trust by the banks in a new technology will take time, and even more time will be needed for that trust to trickle down to consumers.

Another company that may soon be ready to give CC’s and Blockchain a big boost is Amazon. It looks like Amazon is getting ready to launch their very own crypto currency. This is a company with revenues the size of a good-sized country, and they are in a position to issue a digital token that would be fully convertible with other CC’s, and fiat currencies too. A move like this would enable Amazon to:

issue (AMAZON) coins to reward and incentivize developers on any of its platforms
issue coins to consumers to use for in-app purchases
issue coins to game players for in-game purchase of virtual goodies
issue coins to regular customers as part of a loyalty programme
Amazon may have the ideal ecosystem of customers and partners to make this all happen. Worldwide they have about 300 million customer accounts, roughly the population of the USA, and they have 100,000 sellers on their platforms, with millions of items for sale. There is hardly a more mainstream company than Amazon, with a massive, vibrant economy all linked in. Amazon’s imminent entry into the world of CC’s may signal the adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream institutions on a large scale. What could be just around the corner if an AMAZON coin comes into play is the likes of a DISNEY Coin, a DELTA AIRLINES coin, a CARNIVAL CRUISES coin, a HOME DEPOT coin – you get the picture.
Stay Tuned!

Martin Straith –

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Investment Lessons Learned From Warren Buffet

Most people try to invest and make money but they often end up suffering losses as they make the same mistakes over and over again. Wannabe investors should try to learn and emulate the mind sets of rich people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and Warren Buffet. Let us focus on Warren Buffet, who has been described as the best investor on the planet. These are some of the investment tips he sticks to:

1. Developer your investment mindset

Not all people are business oriented but we can improve our business minds by reading business related books. Warren Buffet invests a lot of his time studying business-related books.

2. Practicing patience in your investments

Whenever Buffett buys a stock, he buys into the company. This means he doesn’t sell the stock at every market boom or bust. He believes in the companies that he invests in for the long term and holds on to stocks until he longer believes or sees value in these companies. One of Buffett’s celebrated quotes, which illustrates his inclination for long-haul investments is, “Regardless of how awesome the ability or endeavors, a few things simply require significant investment. You can’t create a child in one month by getting nine ladies pregnant.”

3. Prioritize value

Sometimes, the amount we spend on something and the value we get from our purchase don’t relate. Buffett believes that investors need to understand that markets are driven by supply and demand and that buying into a company with solid growth during market down-turns are great opportunities to gain value. Buy a good stock at a great price.

4. Check your emotions when investing

Human emotions influence the market considerably more than any monetary model. Emotions can make people hopeful for something that has never happened or rarely occur. Buffett has recommended that controlling your emotions is considerably more imperative than your IQ. According to him, “Accomplishment in investing doesn’t associate with IQ. What you require is the demeanor to control the urges that cause other individuals harm in investing”.

5. Invest in what you are knowledgeable and passionate about

Buffett exhorts that you “never put resources into a business you don’t get.” Don’t put money into companies whose business you don’t understand.

If you don’t have adequate information about a company, it is much more difficult to understand how a company will perform in the long run and foresee what the company will become a couple of years down the line.

6. Live below your means

Despite a net worth of $87 billion dollars, Buffett lives in a shockingly unassuming home. He purchased his current home in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500 in 1958 and, today, he calls it the 3rd best investment he’s ever made. Rather than wasting money to live lavishly, Buffett lives frugally and has reaped the benefits.

7. Save first then spend the rest

People tend to pay bills first, spend the rest, and save for last. According to Buffett, this is the wrong approach. Buffet prescribes that you should put aside a set amount of money each month as savings first, then pay your bills, then spend whatever is left over after paying bills.

8. Remember your roots

When he was in middle school, Buffett found a job as a paperboy delivering The Washington Post. He expanded that early activity into a deep-rooted association with the daily paper. Years later, his company, Berkshire Hathaway, became The Washington Posts’ biggest investor. Remember where you came from, your values, and you may discover unique opportunities for great investments.

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Top 7 Things to Consider Before You Start Investing

Be it investors, potential investors or general public who is looking to start investing, everyone gets excited the minute they have extra cash on their hands and one of the usual plans is to invest it for quick profits. People want to start making their money work for them and that’s a very understandable and rational thought but sure enough one needs to be practical about their finances as well. There is a lot of due diligence and groundwork that goes into understanding the financial markets before one must start investing and it’s for their best as well!

An investment making company will generally help you get started with your investment and offer you end-to-end insights into how to make more money and how to invest money to achieve your financial goals. However, there are a few things you as an investor must consider before approaching any Asset Management Company or getting started on your investment journey.

Here are the top 7 things one should consider before they start investing to make more money:

1. Pay Off Prior Dues

No investment can start without you actually being done paying off your dues and clearing your credit. A clean slate for all your debts is very essential to begin investing stress free and focusing on returns.

2. Create Cash Emergency Fund

Before you start investing it is very important for you to have a separate cash fund prepared just in case of emergencies. There is no questioning the volatility of the market and you can’t really depend on redeeming from market when in dire need. Having an emergency fund lets you start your investment journey with a bit more ease.
3. Create Financial Goals

One of the most important questions often asked is how to invest money and earn quick profits! However, there is much more to investing than just expecting returns. It is equally important to have your financial goals set it place and invest accordingly. Be it buying a dream home, car or saving for retirement, an investment making company will know exactly how to help you get started.

4. Understand Financial Instruments

There are tons of financial instruments in the market which offer numerous benefits. The bigger question often is what you as an investor wish to achieve, quick profit, long term stability, lesser risk or just saving for the future? It’s not tough to make more money with your investments as long as your priorities are already quite clear.

5. Due Diligence on Investment Options

Asset Management Companies have a variety of financial instruments that an investor can pick from and ensure that they make more money. If you want to know how to invest money wisely on the other hand then it is best if you do your due diligence on all the financial products in the market and then make an informed decision to earn quick profits.

6. Research on market trends

How to invest money wisely is indeed a question every investor should be asking themselves or the investment making company who is helping them build a portfolio. Keeping updated about the market, staying on top of news in the world markets and knowing the current business trends makes it easier for the investors to pick their financial instruments for investment.

7. Evaluate your risk bearing capacity

Every individual has their own risk bearing capacities. An investment making company will often ask you the risk level your profile fits in as an investor as it helps them decide where and how to invest money and earn quick profits. How to invest money is often a question answered at the expense of how much risk are you willing to take for the same,

As simple and lucrative investing and making quick profit sounds, the truth is that unless you have a foundation in place and thorough research to build up, your investment portfolio won’t be solid.

Asset Management Companies are there to help investors with their portfolio, right from researching and investing to managing and reinvesting investors’ wealth. If you are new to the world of investing then these pointers will make sure that it doesn’t seem intimidating anymore!

Megacoinwealth is a leading Asset Management Company. Our top professionals guide you on making sound investment decisions to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Buy a Franchise Make Money or Get Ripped Off?

Let’s face it many of the good franchise money making opportunities have been taken a long time ago. But you still want a franchise? What and where do you look? In my opinion, what’s new, what’s hot, what’s the latest and greatest. Is it a fad,does it have the ability to grow, who is behind it?

First you need to find what interests you. Remember you will spend more time running your own businesss than you will at home. So it better be something you like and something that is affordable. Don’t put your life’s fortune, your home, your family at risk for a franchise. Don’t roll the dice and risk it all. Make sure you leave yourself a fall back position.

Once you select a franchise do your homework. Start with the franchisees who have stores for sale. This is done for two reasons, first, you may get a better deal buying existing than a new store. Also, you want to know why they are getting out. The number one reason is usually they are not making it. They will tell you all the problems with the franchise, some true, some not. The more franchisees you talk with that are selling, the better questions you will develop if you decide to approach this franchise to do a new location.

When you have finished your fact gathering quest, focus on the main people running this franchise. How long has the CEO, President and COO been with this company? Has there been consistent turnover at the top? If so not a good sign. Has the company moved multiple times to different states? Usually a sign of problems with that state, also not good.

Support is a huge and important issue. What type of training will you need and how long? Do you also get help when you open the store? Do they have a good marketing system and do they funnel enough money in to marketing the concept? Strong support or lack there of tells you a lot about a company.

New store growth is it a steady 10% or is it not there? Every good concept should have some piece of positive growth. If everyone is selling their stores, also not a good sign.

How about fees? What are these folks charging, is it high or is it low? What’s your buy in and does it make sense? These are just a few ideas of what to look for in your pursuit of a franchise. As you can see don’t make an uninformed decision. Do your home work and go into this with a good knowledge base. Good luck

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Future of UX

The growth of UX is increasing rapidly as there are improvements in user experience from the time the user is interested in purchasing the product till the user actually purchases that product. Every person associated with the design of the product tries to refine the user experience.

According to Teague designers Clint Rule, Eric Lawrence, Matt McElvogue, “UX design” has become too broad and muddled. In future, they predict that UX design will divide into more specialized fields.


For better UX, the designers are always inspired to become better designers and take continuous feedback from users; they increase their design knowledge and continuously work in the improvement of designs.

People need to fun-loving and flexible to see the new adventures of UX Designers. The world is rapidly getting connected to technology,we are living in the 21st century where the people are comfortable with Artificial Intelligence(AI), AR, voice and connected devices, the tools and technologies are changing day by day, the UX designers use different way of thought process and different designs;the technology has reformed the lives of people.

The UX design has a great importance in it. In future, User experience design will become a stronger and well-established practice which will influence our lives on different aspects.

With the growth in UX, the demand for UX designers will grow rapidly. The growth of UX designers will be rapidly in all the sectors of the industry because the better the UX Design-the larger number of customers get attracted to it.


Earlier no one would have thought on booking a cab online and the cab would be at your door within minutes but now this facility is used by a large number of people. Likewise, UX has the power to change the dimensions of future. It will definitely bring new and broad per respective while designing.

Earlier the term UX was only limited to User Experience but with the advancement of technology UX is used to represent the detailed design of the digital products which is not just limited to software applications, but it has also covered website and mobile apps.

Today the people are living in the digital era, where their lives are dependent on the mobile app. The detailed design of digital products is trending nowadays.UX has many components such as Service Design, System Design, Strategic Design, Critical design and Speculative Design as well as Design Thinking.

The invention of Instagram from the website shows how much the industry has revolutionalized. UX designers offer practical and smart solutions, it will definitely break all the limitations push the boundaries of development and bring the current scenario to the situation where the mode of interaction and communication has changed completely; the interface will be designed in the most creative and innovative way.


The design of digital media changes and improves as per the user behavior and the needs of the person with the changing time and trends. The UX will reach out at its peak in future years. Its growth is going to be rapid because it is a never-ending process, improving the design as per the customer requirements, trends and lifestyle.

In future, the UX design will become the most trending and prevalent practices across the world. Many industries have already seen the specialization in the role of UX by keeping in mind Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality and Voice User Interface.

The pace at which our technology is changing, this specialization will bring the new innovation and UX Design will touch different industries and business areas.

In fact, someone has said the growth of UX will be seen in our lives in addition to technology.

Someone has quoted “UX Design will become a social skill rather than a design skill”

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Who Is Ludvig Sunstrom? Notes From Having Worked With Him For 1+ Year

Ludvig Sunstrom is a relatively new name in the “self help” world – with “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” (BOOH) and “The Ultimate Commonplace System” (TUCS) to his name.

The problem with this is that although he’s risen quite rapidly, there is very little reference to him beyond his social media presence (which isn’t actually that prolific) – leading a number of people to become quite curious as to who he is, and – more importantly – what basis his work is published under.

In the world of online promotion – where 12yr olds have the same “reach” as 100+ yr old businesses – it’s vital to actually appreciate WHO you’re dealing with. As we all know, it’s EASY to fake your life on social media… much more difficult to actually live in congruence with what you’re *actually* doing.

This is why I originally reached out to Ludvig, and why I ended up spending 1+ yr working with him on a number of projects (including TUCS 1.0). This article is my honest opinion of him – meant as a reference for anyone looking to do business with him by purchasing his work or reading his website.

Swedish National Living In Stockholm

Ludvig is Swedish and lives in Stockholm.

I don’t know what he does for money, as he does not have regular employment and did not appear to have any commercial clients – at least when I met him.

I met him by discovering his “blog” in 2014. He wrote a number of articles which impressed me, so – like with many people who seem to have things figured out – I contacted him and started talking. As we talked for about 6 months, he invited me to come to Stockholm which I did with my friend/business partner at the time.

When we met him in Stockholm, we didn’t really do very much for most of the week. There were several instances where we met up and did some filming or whatever, but apart from that – there wasn’t much by way of interaction.

However, the one thing that really defined the trip – for me at least – was when he introduced us to a new friend he’d been cultivating a relationship with for some time – Mikael Syding. Syding is a former hedge-fund manager; relatively successful by account – Ludvig had been talking to him just like how I’d been talking to Ludvig.

Anyway, Ludvig had spent the entire day talking to Syding in his apartment in the centre of Stockholm; he invited us in the evening where we were able to discuss everything from business to Napoleon. This was enjoyable for me particularly; the ability to connect with people of such reverence & depth is extremely rare.

What He Actually Does For A Living

I don’t know what he does for a living.

Like many Swedes, he seems to live a life of wistful indulgence mixed with sporadic bouts of “work”. The work he actually does – like many other Swedes – could best be described as humanitarian. For some reason, Swedish people don’t like talking about money, don’t like to kick up a fuss and generally don’t like looking out of place. For all the talk of “contrarianism” that Ludvig espouses, he’s actually a big stickler for “rules”… he just identified different rules to most other people.

Irrespective of that, Ludvig’s primary “asset” when I met him (he’d just graduated university) was a blog called “StartGainingMomentum”. This was started when he was in University and was a blend of his own progress/indulgences and any discoveries he’d made from the massive amounts of “reading” he’d been committing to. This focus on reading is predominantly what attracted me to him – as I’d never really considered the process of growth to be so closely associated with the material you feed your mind. This seems to be where many of his core fans began to appreciate what he had to offer as well.

In 2015 – approximately 1 year after I met him – he began the “25Minuter” podcast with his friend Mikael. The real boon of this was that it was promoted as the “official” podcast of the “TradeVenue (.) se” web community. Mikael’s pedigree as a 10-year hedge fund manager, matched with Ludvig’s potent insights from his reading, and the reach/audience derived from TradeVenue, made the venture immediately successful. It gained around 1,500 listeners after the first episode, a number which grew to around 2,500 for the duration of its existence.

Whilst Ludvig often quotes numbers of 20,000 listeners or 2,000,000 downloads – the simple truth is that the podcast likely had around 1/10th of that number of “real” listeners. I’m not overly concerned with the actual figure; just that several thousand people tuned in each week to listen to what the duo had in store. This is both respectable and a great achievement; considering the podcast was originally done in Swedish.

To this end, I would consider the “podcast” (and its ancillary services) the core of what Ludvig could be described as “doing” with his time for that duration.

Making Progress

25Minuter was continued for 2 years, during that time remaining entirely free of charge.

There was once instance – where I helped – whereby Ludvig utilized the Podcast’s audience to offer TUCS 1.0 (The Ultimate Commonplace System). This was very successful, with over 350 people buying in the first 78 hours. He was also EXTREMELY generous by giving my a portion of the first week’s profits (which I never expected). This highlights a level of generosity which I have found to be RARE – especially in the “professional” world. This was a very endearing gesture on his part.

After TUCS’ release, the duo seems to have become bored with their podcast and decided to “expand” it onto the international stage. At the beginning of 2018, they changed the name (to “Future Skills”) and introduced Oskar Faarkrog into the team to provide more effective back-end work. I was invited to join them but I had my own things to do.

In terms of the next phase – the release of the new podcast was also off the back of Ludvig’s releasing his book “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” – which became a best-seller on Amazon (where it was released in December 2017 for the Kindle). This book was well-received on Amazon, with over 60 positive reviews. There was one 1* review which appeared to be highlighting the fact that BOOH was not very “actionable” – dealt a LOT with theory and happenstance.

The current standing of Ludvig’s professional persona seems to be that he’s a co-host of the “Future Skills” podcast (with his friend Mikael), an author (of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis) and is putting work into the introduction of a “Risk Management” program for the podcast (video course presented by Syding), as well as releasing the next version of TUCS (2.0).


The reason I decided to write this is actually simple.

One of the MAJOR problems I’ve found with Ludvig’s work – and this should be considered a “warning” for anyone looking to buy from him – is that most of what he does is extremely surface level.

This isn’t a jibe at his persona or anything, but when you consider the “work” that people put out – especially more esoteric offerings such as what he produces (that generally have little-to-no competition), it’s important to consider what you’re actually getting for your time/money.

The projects he works on have a LOT of potential, but just don’t seem to DELIVER on their promises…

TUCS 1.0 could have been a GREAT piece of work – but was too focused on the “mindset” behind “commonplacing” (with various references to Napoleon) to be an effective (actionable) product
BOOH could have been a truly remarkable community-driven experience – but took too much time talking about lots of nonsense with the brain that doesn’t even matter
Future Skills should have been focused on MONEY. The current offer/product is EXTREMELY weak because it doesn’t really offer any one any specific RESULTS that they can attach to the system
TUCS 2.0 will likely be extremely surface level and neglect the PLETHORA of opportunities to really craft a remarkable life by the adoption, development & optimization of SYSTEMS
I think the core of the problem is that Ludvig is happy being a “messenger” for many different ideas; but is presently unable to provide specific (actionable) RESULTS to support everything he espouses.
This lack of results means the products mostly feel UNDERWHELMING.

For example, if you consider that “TUCS” (The Ultimate Commonplace System) was meant to give the reader an insight and perception into the possibilities associated with keeping a “commonplace” – all they got was a paltry PDF file that explained about 2 different “methods” to keep notes – you’d probably appreciate the frustration that I personally felt with it.


The core recommendation I have – as a third party observer & fan of Ludvig’s – is to focus more on the application of the various ideas he espouses.

He originally did this well with his “fasting” + “workout” posts on his blog (which are actually his most popular and very informative); problems arise when you look at the other aspects of what he’s doing – particularly from a “professional” perspective.

I would want to see both more risk-driven and “deeper” products delivered on behalf of his brand. This is only really feasible if he puts himself through a multitude of experience which he may not have had already; perhaps on behalf of businesses or individuals to help improve their brands or some other thing. The point is that rather than putting out quite dry solutions, achieving immersion will be one of the best ways he can achieve a deeper connection with his audience.

Presently, the lack of this depth prevents his products from really inspiring people to really shift their habits. They are great at describing the “process” of attaining certain results – but from an underlying perspective, this doesn’t do very much for the buyer beyond introducing them to a number of new concepts.


Ludvig is generous but in my opinion needs to focus more on the APPLICATION of the ideas he expounds.

It’s very easy to sit down and talk about how things “should” be done, a MUCH different matter to actually build systems, ideas and RESULTS from applying them himself.

To do this, I would ardently recommend he start focusing onto actually basing his observations onto experiences he had himself. Of course, if you don’t have experiences to draw upon, it means you actually have to work on creating them.

If you’re considering buying any of his products, you need to be careful about what you’re expecting to receive, and what you’ll actually get.

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